Symphony Tablet T8

Symphony Tablet T8


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I want buy this tablet please give me the contact no.
08 January 2013, Afternoon 12:22
Mohammed Aminul Haque
08 January 2013, Night 9:12
Md. Raqibul Islam
I want to buy but price is high.Gp offered sim+memory card. but i want to buy without sim+memory card price is 8000-1000.

09 January 2013, Morning 11:34
Md.Zahidur Rahman
Price should be around 10,000.00 As fer I know, its performance is excellent among this price range.

Best of luck Symphony.
09 January 2013, Afternoon 1:54
Nazia Ashfak
it is nice but price ta akto base. dam kola akta kenbo.
10 January 2013, Afternoon 12:48
Ata te keybord abong mouse use kora jabe ki?
10 January 2013, Afternoon 1:25
Ariful Alam
T8 tab a ki HD video suport kora? Pc softwera use kora jaba? Plz bolban.
10 January 2013, Night 10:54
T8 tab a ki HD video suport kora ? Pc soft use kora jabe pls bolan.
10 January 2013, Night 11:37
Nice Tab. I want to buy it.
11 January 2013, Afternoon 4:52
I think it is the best tablet in this price range.
11 January 2013, Night 11:26
aaj eita kinsi. use koira heavy moja paitesi :D
12 January 2013, Midnight 12:32
it is nice but price ta akto basi. price komla akta kenbo.
12 January 2013, Midnight 02:04
Md.Liakat Ali
it is nice but price ta akto basi. price komla akta kenbo.
12 January 2013, Midnight 02:07
Md.Liakat Ali
I want to buy soon as possible..............:)
is it available in market?????
14 January 2013, Morning 11:22
RAM not 1GB. Symphony cheating with people. I have visited GP centre I saw the RAM is 512MB. Symphony cheating?
14 January 2013, Night 10:50
I want to purchase but its not yet release at market/symphony show room. Could you please let me know how i can get it?
15 January 2013, Afternoon 4:14
Ram is 512MB but they are promoting as 1GH. Symphony cheater.
15 January 2013, Night 10:08
Pc er sob software Ki install hobe? All video ki dakha jabe? Keyboard, mouse use kora jabe?
16 January 2013, Midnight 02:44
Ata ki SIM Support Kora?
16 January 2013, Afternoon 1:09
kemne je eita pamu kichu bujhtasi na.sara grameen pn centre ghurlam.amar ek jora dami jutar paer tola khoea geche. tara bole eita naki stock sesh.feb. te ashteo pare nao kato waiting korbo?very poor marketing symphony and grameen very poor.keu second sell korle
16 January 2013, Evening 7:15
1GHz processor e Android chalano bokamir kaaj. Atleast 1.5Ghz houa uchit
19 January 2013, Afternoon 1:21
Uttara a ta pabo ki? Koi pabo blben.kal kinte jaboo. Problem hole servicing kora jabe ki? Noth tower gp center a pab ki?
20 January 2013, Morning 11:28
21 January 2013, Afternoon 1:35
i like it.
21 January 2013, Afternoon 2:06
xplorer t8 ai tab a ki otg cabel support function ache?
21 January 2013, Night 11:25
xplorer t8 ai tab a ki otg cabel support function ache and ai ta te ki pendrive modem cholbe?
21 January 2013, Night 11:28
my tablet is pattam loked now who i am doing pliase help me
26 January 2013, Afternoon 3:58
Ai tab ar jonno amar 2 jora jotho chira gace.but akono kintha pari nai.R koi jora chirtha hobe??ki korbo bjtha cina?plz tell me??
28 January 2013, Morning 10:01
Aj akta kenlam. . .Darun. . . . . .
28 January 2013, Afternoon 5:35
@Suvo vai, apne T7 naki T8 Kinsen?? T8 kine thakle kon GP centre theke plz janaben....waiting
29 January 2013, Afternoon 1:55
is it available in the market...?? wanted to ve this??? is symphony providing any warrranty???...and the people who has alrdy bought this..., how about the services?? is it ok???
29 January 2013, Night 8:16
tab ta darun bt kothai pabo jani na,kobe ashbe keu ki janen....and akhon jodi thake kothai pabo?????
01 February 2013, Midnight 03:12
Wow!what an extra-ordinary pc.The world will come closer to all of us.
01 February 2013, Morning 11:19
I want 2 buy this tab.Is it now available in the market? If yes then where?Does it provide any warranty?
01 February 2013, Afternoon 5:47
Symphony Tablet T8 Tab ta valo.pc software ki use kora jabay.HD ki support korbay.Plz bolben akto.....................@
05 February 2013, Afternoon 4:57
Symphony 8" tab. (I want to buy
06 February 2013, Afternoon 3:35
khalilur rahman
poor marketing symphony n gp, still waiting 4 this
06 February 2013, Afternoon 4:40
prodeep sarker
Hdmi output ase ki? Accessories ki ki ase?
keyboard case paoa jabe?
i want to buy... :)
07 February 2013, Midnight 12:55
joss ekta tab bt warranty kotodin?keu ki janaben.
07 February 2013, Afternoon 2:15
Nice!! Aytar Rate Ato kon ame to bissash korta parce na! Ame to kal kay kinar khota vavce.
09 February 2013, Afternoon 4:11
Rony Islam
Is it available now.?.......if so I will buy this in this week
10 February 2013, Midnight 12:09
Mahbubul Alam Palash
kotha thaka buy kora jaba ata vai?
10 February 2013, Afternoon 2:03
Abir Hossain
ami khujte khujte ses but market paite cina
10 February 2013, Night 10:15
shojib ahmed
Ami ekta kinsi T8, Faltu ekta jinish
11 February 2013, Afternoon 3:00
Niaz Morshed
T8 e usb modem & usb wab cam support kore. hd,mkv,wmv, (full) supp kore. its grt. 21 tarikher age kew kinte parbena...
11 February 2013, Afternoon 4:01
Tanvir Sarkar
HDMI port or TV out ki aase?ami ekta t8 kinte chai....kintu,passi naa.
13 February 2013, Afternoon 12:19
I want buy this tablet please give me the contact no.
my mobile no-01818133319
14 February 2013, Afternoon 12:27
md sohel chowdhury
HDMI-TV out port ki T8 aase?please,reply.....
14 February 2013, Night 9:07
Awesome tab if any1 want to sell plzzz inform me.
I would like to buy it...01722389878.
15 February 2013, Night 9:17
Mohammed Tanzim
Kinte chai.
Mob: 01711532577
18 February 2013, Morning 10:31
Kinte chai.
Mob: 01711532577
18 February 2013, Morning 10:39
T8 a ke edge modem support kora?
19 February 2013, Midnight 02:33
symphony t8 koi paoya jai ? kinte jai plz
20 February 2013, Night 10:25
i want this pc.
sent ur phone no.
and address
21 February 2013, Morning 11:34
Vai kobe asbe?? ....Kew ki bolte paren......................
21 February 2013, Afternoon 1:31
Fehad Hasan
Its awfully good..........jst need to buy it..........i will buy if it is available in the market
21 February 2013, Afternoon 1:50
Al-Amin Boss
this is nice, can i use pc software,mouse, keyboard,3G, How many ram here & processor. Price, Warranty....
21 February 2013, Night 8:00
very good, but price is high.
22 February 2013, Morning 06:52
Humayon Kabir
Oh fine & congreats to symphony for releasing a nice tab.
22 February 2013, Night 10:30
which market?
23 February 2013, Afternoon 1:23
Camera Front 2MP/Camera Rear VGA jothesto mone korina.......!!! Camera Rear 1.3MP hole onek valo hoto r Camera Front 5MP.
23 February 2013, Night 11:21
christian marvel
symphony is really bad!! i prefer IPAD mini which i already have! it is the best tablet ever!! T8 works only about for 6 months......symphony r for cheap n poor people!!bangladesh dirty place n dirty company!!1 bangladeshi people r loser n those who use symphony phone or tablet r stupid,idiot,mental,ill-mannered,loser n villagers!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!I mean they cant even speak in english properly!!!
24 February 2013, Afternoon 4:37
ata valo ki
24 February 2013, Afternoon 4:45
via ei tab a ki ami windows 8 chalate parbo othoba android er vertion update kort parbo ? ami ki eta te computer er sowftwore use korte parbo ? gp er offer ta ektu bolben via p
24 February 2013, Afternoon 5:44
Amra Bangali asholey onek shohoj shorol...R ai kothata mathay rekhey CHINA products golu made kore...!
One time product,,,,
Amra ki THOKCHINA,,?
T8 ar price ta
6000-8000Tk. Holey colto. Coz there are lot of Tablet in that -Market onno golur ceye ar price Low dewar Request korchi..thanx
25 February 2013, Midnight 05:16
I want to buy this tablet.please sent me your show room address and location.
26 February 2013, Night 9:17
Dipak Piash Halder
symphony T8 tablet er display size ki 8" by 8"?
26 February 2013, Night 9:17
Plz i want buy this Tab. Plz call me at 01982536265, 01688470841
28 February 2013, Morning 09:30
I want to buy this tablet(T8).please sent me your show room address and location.
28 February 2013, Evening 6:16
ata ke keboard, mouse support kore? want to earn go to
03 March 2013, Evening 7:21
GP says, "Xplorer T8 model is out of stock at this moment. Stock will be available soon." (

04 March 2013, Morning 09:06
.. 10,000 tk hole must kinbo
04 March 2013, Afternoon 12:17
i want to buy it . would you please give me the contact person number,
04 March 2013, Afternoon 12:22
i want to buy it . would you please give me the contact person number,
04 March 2013, Afternoon 12:24
ata ki computer ar bikolpo hisabay use kora jabay sob soft. Ki bayboar kora jaby
04 March 2013, Afternoon 1:59
kobe Bazaar E Asbe
04 March 2013, Afternoon 4:50
yes here we are.......
04 March 2013, Night 10:52
aftab samir
where can i found this? i want to buy one.
07 March 2013, Afternoon 5:05
07 March 2013, Night 11:46
krz shipon
i one to by
09 March 2013, Afternoon 5:54
kazi delwar hossain
I need it badly. so where can i collect this gadget from, eh? is there any shop in varsity area ie Shahbag from where i can collect this stuff.
oh, yes, i have one thing to know about this stuff. is it able to read ebooks? i mean ebooks in the file format of .epub, .mobi, .text as well as .pdf?
10 March 2013, Midnight 04:13
Mahi Parvez
Dear, I want to be buy a Symphony T8 tab. I went all dhaka gpc center but i am not findout. plese tell me. where i will buy Symphony T8 Tab.
Thanks Kibria.
Mobile # 01711492373.
10 March 2013, Afternoon 3:10
Md. Golam Kibria
Dear, I want to be buy a Symphony T8 tab. I went all dhaka gpc center but i am not findout. plese tell me. where i will buy Symphony T8 Tab.
Thanks Kibria.
Mobile # 01711492373.
10 March 2013, Afternoon 3:11
Md. Golam Kibria
Prothom Alo, Feb 7, 2013, 3rd page: Last day of GP-Symphony Tab offer.
Now we cant access >< page.
Page on Tab has also been removed from Symphony website.
So, no more T7 & T8 Tab offer from GP or Symphony.
Please look for other tablets.
10 March 2013, Night 11:37
Ami prote din sopno dakhi t8 kinbo but price ta 1tu bashi.
11 March 2013, Midnight 04:00
Who are you ............... Market? Please Tell Me
11 March 2013, Afternoon 12:09
khob vhalo,jodi flash thakto taholy aro vhalo hoto
11 March 2013, Night 9:35
Enamul Haque
12 March 2013, Afternoon 2:31
I want buy this tablet please give me the contact no.
12 March 2013, Evening 7:25
pls give me information where it is available
13 March 2013, Night 10:39
9ice. i want buy.
14 March 2013, Midnight 12:30
tamanna aktar
i think it should be external memory supported 64gb
14 March 2013, Evening 6:05
I want to buy this. Plz contact when it is available. 01717442186
15 March 2013, Night 10:17
Golam Mostofa
Size is too huge but nice
19 March 2013, Morning 11:51
vhai julai mase akta kinbo, tokhon ki ai rate pabo,na ki dam barbe,na kombe janale subhida hoto
20 March 2013, Morning 11:53
I want to buy this, plz inform when it is available. 01911533344
20 March 2013, Afternoon 2:01
Zubaer Rashid
well i dont know what to say
price rate is awesome for a tablet
but i wanna know if i can use keyboard and other usb devices here
and how long will it last including the guarantee???
21 March 2013, Midnight 02:11
I want to buy it. Give me the address .
21 March 2013, Afternoon 1:20
Hasan moni
Ami T8 kentay chi kintu kothay pabo bolben ki??
21 March 2013, Afternoon 4:42
Harun Rashid
Ami T8 kentay chi kintu kothay pabo bolben ki??
21 March 2013, Afternoon 4:44
Harun Rashid
ami jani tab8 markete nai .kobe asbe pls janaben.can i hope it will come too early.
22 March 2013, Afternoon 4:05
amir ibais
Tablet price is high. Price will be $100
BD 8500.00 tk
I must be buy this tab
23 March 2013, Afternoon 12:39
Ami Tab T8 Kentay Chi. Kothay Pabo? (GP Centere Stock Nil) Pls..........Pls..........Pls...........Janaben.
23 March 2013, Evening 6:19
Mohammad Shible
23 March 2013, Night 10:44
Ami eta kinte cai.kintu kotha o passi na.please amake address janale khub khushi hobo.
Mob. 01918372307
25 March 2013, Midnight 01:06
Md. Akram Hossain.
RaM ki 1GB na 512MB??? R tab ta te ki mouse, keyborde , pendrive sopport kora???????? please tell me at
27 March 2013, Afternoon 1:38
ai Tablet ta ke narayangonj poua jaba jadi jai ta holya amka bolaban please
27 March 2013, Afternoon 2:33
Sree Akash Das
I want to buy this. When its available at market?
Pls tell.
27 March 2013, Afternoon 4:42
New Names Symphony Tab Xplorer T8i
30 March 2013, Afternoon 4:12
hi there ,
i need a symphony tablet t8. where can i buy it from in chittagong? pls, tell me.
30 March 2013, Evening 6:57
abdul gafur emon
very bad markating by this 2 gaient company in bangladesh GP & SYMPHONY..salara ar koto din wait koraba..
01 April 2013, Afternoon 12:49
ami kotay pabo. PLZ
02 April 2013, Evening 7:01
i want to buy but where is it ? 01718245869
02 April 2013, Night 10:31
I want to buy but where. plz inform 01737579298
05 April 2013, Evening 7:54
how can i buy it? kothay pabo
06 April 2013, Evening 6:12
its amezing
so beautiful
07 April 2013, Afternoon 1:39
anwar asharafi
ata chittagong er kothai paoa jabe?? . .
10 April 2013, Afternoon 4:46
Symphony T8 Camera ta valo na
15 April 2013, Afternoon 1:11
Symphony Tab T8 Not Not Not Offer. Marketing off R Kono din Not Offer??????????????
15 April 2013, Afternoon 4:59
Symphony Xplorer Tab T8
very nice i agree sell the tab
16 April 2013, Afternoon 1:58
20 April 2013, Afternoon 12:35
I am waiting from January for this tab ON GP customer care point... But ami ekhono painai.... Ami ki ei tab kokhono pabona???
22 April 2013, Midnight 02:44
Md. Nur
Ei tab kothay pabo
24 April 2013, Afternoon 1:48
GP te ki etaabar vailable hobe ???
24 April 2013, Afternoon 3:17
vai dam akto besi
25 April 2013, Afternoon 1:50
ami shona chilam je kechu somosha deiachalo abong 2 mash pora bair doba showroom thaka bolacihalo achon ke bair hoisha hoila pleas connect me this number: 01677164666 ami kenbo pleas pleas connect
26 April 2013, Morning 11:32
Very Good
29 April 2013, Midnight 12:30
very good and osam one.
where is it available?
29 April 2013, Night 10:13
I want to buy it. Please inform me the pros and cons of it.
30 April 2013, Night 8:02
Md. Abul Kalam Azad
Ata te ki 2ta sim, Naki 1ta sim use kora jai?
02 May 2013, Midnight 01:55
Rajshahite eta kothai pawa jai plz janaben.
02 May 2013, Night 8:23
eta kobe pawa jabe amake bolen ami etar jonno onek opekha korsi.

plz jara janen tara amake ekta phn or sms koren.

03 May 2013, Afternoon 4:50
Ayan Shahed!
Is it suported to HD vedio? How can buy this? Not available to gp sentre. Plz tell me plz plz plz
07 May 2013, Afternoon 1:57
Aitai komdame best tab!
12 May 2013, Afternoon 4:29
Cayan Sarkar
dhakay kothay pawa jabe eita? pls janaben...
13 May 2013, Night 8:31
T8 ekhon market e nei, T8i ashce
14 May 2013, Morning 09:50
Kinte chai ........plzzzz SMS me 01919107979
16 May 2013, Night 8:30
Tahera er jonno comments

T8i kobe pawoa jabe?
plz bolen
my phn num-+8801960063789
18 May 2013, Morning 10:21
Ayan Shahed!
محلات بن كليب للاكترونيات
21 May 2013, Afternoon 4:05
سعيد علي بن كليب
ami price dekhbona just sim support thaklei cholbe.
21 May 2013, Night 9:00
Moniruzzaman manik
Ok boss mon jemon pelam na, tokhon phone dia ki korbo. bolen?
tai bolchi please price ta ektu kome din. dekhben sobai ei phone kinbe.
i hope you better understand.
21 May 2013, Night 9:13
monirul islam
where I can get symphony tablet? Its not available in the market. Why?
22 May 2013, Afternoon 1:08
Very nice. But have a back Camera?
22 May 2013, Afternoon 1:35
Abhizit Kumar Dey
T8i ashce kobe asbe price ki rokom habe Kew lanaben pls.
Ar akt ami credit carde kinte cai parbo ki????
22 May 2013, Afternoon 1:38
Mostak Ahmed
nice tab. I want to buy this tomrw.whr i can get this?is it availble at bosundhara city.pls.
22 May 2013, Night 10:12
Does keyboard & mouse are used with this tab ?
26 May 2013, Afternoon 4:18
Md. Wasimul Islam
I can use Key broad.
27 May 2013, Night 8:38
Md Ayenal Haque
koi pamu???
01 June 2013, Afternoon 4:49
is it available in market ?
01 June 2013, Afternoon 5:20
T8i Markete Asle Janaben Plz...........
My Phone Number : 01712159450

02 June 2013, Afternoon 2:14
gora bani sos t8 ar gent dorkar
06 June 2013, Afternoon 4:07
I want to buy this tape, but I do not have a contact number. Please provide a mobile number for you to contact me. This is my mobile number +8801840-707485
07 June 2013, Afternoon 3:05
Bluetooth BaBa
i want 2 buy this. is it now in Bangladesh.plz contact me
on this no01672742353
08 June 2013, Night 8:32
For whoever interested in purchasing this this symphony tablet I have three pieces right now that I want to sell. Am not a dealer but somebody gave them to me from Dubai and he needs money, you can get me connected through my above indicate email or my phone number shown below. Lest I forget, they are new not fairly used.+2348063277709. Thanks!!,
29 June 2013, Afternoon 3:31
prince Babalola
ya nice mob umi to surely kinbo.i really like it.................though the price is i little more..........still............
11 July 2013, Afternoon 5:05
AmE kInbO BuT pRicE kOmla....:-P
18 July 2013, Morning 06:07
MD:Mahady HaSun(<AkAsH>)
খুবই সুন্দর ট্যাবটি। আমি কেনার পরিকল্পনা করছি।কিন্তু কিছু টাকা কম আছে। সম্পূর্ন টাকা হলেই আমি কিনে ফেলবো ইনশা আল্লাহ।
20 July 2013, Afternoon 4:47
সেজান মাহমুদ
khob valo to
22 July 2013, Night 11:44
i like it......
31 July 2013, Afternoon 1:24
symphony t8 er camera ekek web e ekek rokom deua ache konoti 5 mp konotite 2 mp ashole koto mp ?etar disply ki 8" by 8" ki na .etate mouse keybord suport kore? ms.ofice er kaj kora jai?
04 August 2013, Afternoon 5:32
ar sob balo.tobe ar net speed aktu kom.ami ata babohar kori
08 August 2013, Midnight 12:53
akta tab er camera ki 2mp hoi!
Akta tab er 8mp camera ba 5mp camera thaka uchit.
23 August 2013, Morning 09:57
mehedi hassan
MP IS really short.. should be increased MP THAT would be perfcet than.. plz do it as QUICK AS POSSIBLE...
28 August 2013, Evening 6:44
Tarak Mamun
nice.... bt batery backup z nt Gud....
01 September 2013, Afternoon 3:50
ramesh singh
Vai,eta te ki keyboard,mouse,&computer application support kore,plz janaben
01 September 2013, Night 10:37
Md Saiful islam
Eid offer deban na
10 September 2013, Afternoon 1:18
Saiful Islam

Dear concern ,,
please give the details of this tab & also provide the quotation for this for your more info pls contact to me directly below number


25 September 2013, Evening 7:53
Will sell a 8 month used T8, with box and warranty card, no problem so far. 8000 taka. Only genuine buyers call, 01689961530
27 September 2013, Night 9:42
Nice and affordable Tablet.
<a herf="">Live Technology-A Information Technology Blog</a>
30 September 2013, Night 8:29
Md. Asif Rabbi
waiting for Eid offer
04 October 2013, Night 11:35
magnificent view
13 October 2013, Night 10:32
I want buy this pls call me.01719950748
21 October 2013, Midnight 12:40
oli ahmed
I went to buy this product so send me more information
04 November 2013, Night 11:23
Call for Detail 01717328138
04 November 2013, Night 11:24
Ai tab a ki keyboard,mouse than-length & wide koto inc.its about tall me,plz plz.
12 November 2013, Night 11:48
Can Windows 8 operating system, Microsoft Office software be operated in this tab?
10 December 2013, Midnight 01:56
Sakib Chowdhury
Ms office,mouse,keyboard use jabe?
13 January 2014, Afternoon 5:30
Ami akta tab kinbo amaka ki kau bolben konta vala.zihad pabna (01713-827404)
16 January 2014, Midnight 03:48
Shall I use office XP-10 or excel & word program? Pls reply me as soon as possible. I want to buy it.
15 February 2014, Midnight 03:25
Dam komla valo hoto jodi 10000 taka hoito tahole valo hoito
23 February 2014, Afternoon 4:01
abhishak sourab
Amar akta Samphoney T8i Asa ata ami bikri kore dibo... Sob tik asa. Contract with me. 01677783739
09 March 2014, Midnight 03:26
Md. Sshafiqul Islam Shibly
How many SIM support in this TAB?
27 March 2014, Afternoon 2:48
vary nice
17 April 2014, Midnight 01:44
আমি এমন একটি যন্ত্র চাই যাতে নেট ব্যবহার +USB সাপোর্ট থাকবে। office এর কাজ করার জন্য। অন্য কিছু না থাকলে ও সমস্যা নাই। কোনটি ভালো হবে। কত দাম। জানাবেন প্লিজ
11 June 2014, Morning 07:02
dam ta aktu kom hole akta nebo
17 June 2014, Morning 06:10
hasnain ahmad noyan
Recently lost my tab T8i display & tach unit so I want it.plz replay 01720526301 or mail
26 June 2014, Night 10:10
Camera aro valo hoiya ucit. Dam besi.must be on10000
18 August 2014, Evening 7:07

Please write here your
Comments/Feelings/Experiences/Suggestions/Feedback about this Tablet PC.

Symphony Tablet T8

NameSymphony Tablet T8
SIM SupportYes
Display ResolutionXGA
Display Size8.0”
Display TechnologyXGA
Camera Front2MP
Camera RearVGA
Data Service3G,WiFi,EDGE, GPS
Operating SystemsAndroid 4.0.4 (Ice cream sandwich)
Processor1 GHz Dual core
Memory Internal4 GB
SD Cardup to 32GB
Battery4000 mAh
USB ModemYes
Special FeaturesGPS, Accelerometer Sensors.SNS application
PriceTaka 12850.00 (Updated on 2013-01-01)
View68553 times

Symphony Tablet T8 Reviews

Symphony tablet Xplorer T8 is just another stylish and handy tablet from the well-known company Symphony Mobile Bangladesh.

Special Content of Symphony Xplorer T8:
** Android Ice cream sandwich
** 1 GHz Dual-core processor
** 1GB Ram
** 2 MP Rear and VGA front camera
** 3G, Wi-Fi, EDGES, GPRS
** Accelerometer sensor,

Considerable facts:
1. Display resolution is XGA, which is good but it would have been better if there were more than that.
2. Display size is perfect, which is 8 inch.
3. Rear camera is 2 MP, poor for a good quality image.
4. Front camera is VGA, not good enough.
5. Supports SIM card and Wi-Fi, you can use it according to your need.
6. 1 GHz dual-core processor and 1 GB RAM0 is a good combination. So, you don’t have to worry about the performance.
7. Internal memory is 4 GB and you can install any micro SD card up to 32 GB. It is more than enough.
8. GPS and Accelerometer sensors are included in this device. So now you can have the information of your location and play sensor games notifying others where you are.

Conclusion: When you are trying to get the best thing at a reasonable price range, then you have to decide which type of quality you are searching for. If you are searching for a tablet with good performance or maybe you want to do your official work or maybe you want to be social and you want your own FaceBook monitoring device, then you should buy this tablet at once.

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    Views 8982 || Feedback 42

  • Lenovo Yoga Tablet 8

    Lenovo Yoga Tablet 8

    Taka 26500.00

    Views 1850 || Feedback 1

  • Walton Walpad M

    Walton Walpad M

    Taka 14490.00

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News & Articles

  • Taka 5000 Tab in Tablet Fair
    Tablet Fair Bangladesh The company has special offers on the last day of the smartphone and tab expo almost all institutions. Touchscreen Internet tyabaneta attractive offer to all poets. Is being offered at only 5 of the eight thousand dollar tab. This tab has been added to nearly all of the configuration. The stall was a crowd of visitors, only 5 thousand rupees tab. Sales and Marketing Manager of the company said sariphula isarama Suman, the last day of the fair, visitors were given the honor of this discount. Prices are low, but the apps tab rich Coby. 7-inch LCD Display, One jieicajeda Professor, one GB of RAM. The audio output of the 3 5 mm earphones decimal, Android operating system, high-speed. Coby tab high quality batteries. Added rijarbhaayabala GI-Poly battery. Megapixel camera and high speed Internet browsing system has to. ...
  • Microsoft is bringing affordable tab
    Android OS, which is less than the market prices sistemanirbhara exorbitant tab. Ayandrayedake sistemanirbhara affordable tablet computer on the market to compete with Windows is planning the world's largest software maker Microsoft. Indian media has reported the Times of India, Indian Market dharatei the Windows tab, Microsoft is planning on leaving the market. Tab will make uindojanirbhara HP, Dell and companies in India Carbon and Lava Tech. These tabs can be sold in the market of 10 thousand rupees. Windows Business Group, said the head of India amaresa ladybug, 'We're working to reduce the price of the tablet uindojanirbhara. Make Windows tablets that are being reduced, it's important to have the hardware. Market to compete with Android Measures to reduce the price. " In fact, because of the low price popular in Asia android tab, availability and remain within the re ...
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