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Thanks Jabbar Sir.
I love Bangladesh. I love deshi products. I love Bijoy.
19 January 2013, Afternoon 5:58
Where to buy?
12 February 2013, Evening 7:57
Dr. Hasan
No sim support ! This tab is use for what ?
22 February 2013, Night 9:24
I prefer avro tab :P
04 March 2013, Afternoon 5:02
darun. but where can i buy this tab? please info...
04 March 2013, Night 8:04
Aita kecu hoilo . Kecue laka nai
09 March 2013, Midnight 12:11
Kashem hossain
ইউএসবি মডেম এ কোন কোন মডেম ব্যবহার করা যাবে ?
20 March 2013, Midnight 01:19
Saidur Rahman Sabbir, Rajshahi
SIM Supported hole Bhalo Hoto
20 March 2013, Afternoon 3:51
i like it but it is not available in market basundhara city mall
26 March 2013, Midnight 01:38
dr akash
warranty ase ki?
28 March 2013, Midnight 01:56
08 April 2013, Afternoon 3:23
taka ektu beshi diye holeo ontoto sim support thaka uchit chilo............. tobuo thanx..........
13 April 2013, Morning 08:43
Md Taslim Biglu
No Sim suport - No Rear Camera - No Special Features - Bluetooth, Battery - No
Could you please tell me SiR why people buy this bullshit TaB??
And Cheryl on top is that the price* of this TaB a lot higher more than other lots of tabs in the market which is also not suport SiM + many thing others....LoL
18 April 2013, Midnight 12:06
CoOnfiused ......
... is it a tab or ..just a gadget with batterY .this site is a dmen
.. no clear informaitoN . what hell is .. the web site ..cant you clear every thing

dont mind ..but i m angry and alsoO lefting you r sitea ..
cz its a bad and*** site
29 September 2013, Night 8:42
I m wanted
Ram,Rom,Camera resulation koto kichu e to dey nai baikka karbar
24 April 2014, Midnight 03:23

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Bijoy Tab

NameBijoy Tab
SIM SupportNo
Display Resolution800 x 480 pixels
Display Size7 Inch
Display TechnologyFull Touch
Camera FrontYes
Data ServiceWiFi
Operating SystemsAndroid 4.0.4 (Ice cream sandwich)
ProcessorCortex A1.2 1.2GHz
Memory Internal8 GB
SD Card32 GB
USB ModemYes
Special FeaturesG Sensor
PriceTaka 9000.00 (Updated on 2013-01-19)
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Bijoy Tab Reviews

Bijoy is the name that everybody knows in Bangladesh because of the Bangla writing software Bijoy. A well known name can affect the market in no time but in this case the product quality itself can provide a huge influence in the market.

Bijoy tab has a display resolution of 800*480 pixels. You can enjoy 720p high resolution movies and songs with this device. Also is has 7 inch display which gives extra facility to the customers. Customers don’t have to carry anything else for this tablet. It fits alright in a normal size pocket.

It has a front camera which is capable of taking images and online video calling.

Bijoy tab operates with the latest Android Ice Cream Sandwich v4.0.4. Android OS is the name of the most used operating system in the tablet business. You can install many apps and games in this device from the playstore which is free of cost.

Cortex 1.2 GHz processor is known for its performance. Bijoy tab has this processor working inside of its plastic body and also it has 1 GB DDR3 Ram which provides nice working experience.

Internal memory is a very useful thing. The bigger storage means bigger facility. You can store many important things, documents, audio, and video in this place but if you need more space then you can insert a memory card. This tablet supports up to 32 GB Memory card.

Like all other tablets in the market this device supports Wi-Fi. You can connect and use internet with this tablet.

So, you can buy it for yourself or your kids.

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